How come my netbook will connect to other wireless networks but not mine anymore?

by on October 11, 2009

Q: I have borrowed my fathers 3 month old Samsung NC10 Netbook with built in Atheros AR5007EG wireless Network adaptor to take on a business trip to London tomorrow. Yesterday I had the netbook connected to the internet successfully via my home wireless network however Last night and this morning, the netbook refuses to find any wireless network except my neighbors despite my home network running fine. When I try to repair the Netbook network or run the setup wizard I receive an error prompt indicating the hardware is “disconnected” and “requires plugging in”. Please can anyone advise me how I may rectify this or does it need to go in to the shop to be dismantled to access the network card?

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    If the netbook is picking up other wireless networks but not your own, then the netbook is probably just fine.

    Try the following:

    1) unplug your router, and plug it back in
    2) There should be some kind of option to ‘forget’ your home network in the netbook’s wifi setup, go ahead and do that.
    3) Make sure other wireless devices can see your home network okay
    4) Try doing the wifi setup of the netbook in the same room as your wifi router
    5) reboot the netbook
    6) should be a switch to turn the wireless card on and off. From looking at some screenshots of the keyboard I’m guessing you hold down the blue FN key and press F9 (looks like there is a blue antenna on that key) that probably enabled and disables the wireless. This is normally for saving power if you’re not going to be using it at all. That might have gotten bumped, so you will probably want to try that too.

    Some combination of these steps should help out. It’s also probably worth it to double check your router’s configuration to make sure there aren’t any issues there.