Best AGP graphics card

by on October 16, 2009

Q: What is the best graphics card for gaming on a computer with only PCI/AGP slots?

A: Gigabyte GV R465D2-1GI – Graphics adapter – Radeon HD 4650 – AGP 8x – 1 GB GDDR2 – DVI, HDMI is about as good as it gets for an AGP graphics card. You will be paying a $20-$30 premium to get it in AGP graphics card instead of PCI-express and the AGP market is pretty dried up. The Gigabyte GV R465D2-1GI should give you a gaming boost but don’t expect to play the latest games maxed out with it.

We always suggest you read reviews before buying products so here is a review of the Gigabyte GV R465D2-1GI.

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