How do I change the battery on my MSI motherboard?

by on October 16, 2009

Q: I have misplaced my book for my motherboard: MSI MS 7030 (VER:1) K8N Neo FSR and I need to know what to do to change the battery on the motherboard. The battery is 7 years old.

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    You can find the manual at the link below:

    Replacing the battery should just be a matter of unplugging the pc, popping out the old battery and putting a new one in.


      Thanks Mark
      I know how to put the battery in, I didn’t want to losing the bios settings. The battery is easy to get to so can I change it while the computer is running.

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    I would strongly recommend that you not try to swap the battery out while the computer is running. A single misstep or slip of a piece of metal can short out and kill the motherboard.

    Your best option would be to write down (or take some pics with a digital camera) all the custom bios settings you’ve done, and then go ahead with the battery swap.


    Thanks Mark

    That was the answer I was looking for.