Safely replace a motherboard battery

by on October 17, 2009

Q: I want to replace the battery on my motherboard but don’t want to lose the BIOS settings. Is it safe to replace the motherboard battery while the computer is running?

A: It is not safe to touch any internal parts of a computer while it is plugged in never mind running. You should always make sure that your computer is shut off, unplugged, and that you are grounded before touching any internal parts of the computer because a simple shock (electrical discharge) from you to the computer could ruin your computer. It is no different when it comes to replacing the battery on your motherboard.

If you have made changes to your BIOS we suggest that you make notes of the changes or even take pictures of the different screens with your digital camera. This will allow you to change the settings back if they are reset while changing the battery on the motherboard. It is possible that if you take out the motherboard battery and replace it within a second or two that your settings will not get reset but we do not recommend leaving that to change so please write down your settings or takes pictures of them if you know you had to change things to get everything working correctly.

If you have never gone into your BIOS to change any settings then you probably don’t need to do this but it certainly wont hurt you to make notes or take pictures before removing the motherboard battery just to be sure.

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