Registry cleaners and Invalid File Extention

by on October 18, 2009

Q: Whenever I run the registry cleaner PC Mighty Max 2009 on my computer it continually show “4 Invalid File Extension Program ID” for Winamp.File .m2v, .mp1, .mps, and .mpv. I found Winamp in My Documents and deleted it but the registry cleaner continues to show these errors. Any suggestions on how to remove them?

A: Sometimes registry cleaners go a little overboard and make you remove every little bit of information that you might not need. In this particular case having invalid file extensions are not hurting you at all. The makers of Winamp just went a little overboard and added in some extra file extensions just in case they ended up being used down the road. This way you would have them already in your computer if you failed to update Winamp.

We do advice that you always remember to backup your registry before running a registry cleaner just to make sure if something funky happens then you can at least get your computer back to where it was without having to reinstall.

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