What is the best laptop for PhotoShop CS4?

by on October 19, 2009

Q: I’m ready for a new laptop soon to replace my Compac Presario V5105us. I’m looking at primarily HP’s & Sony. Really need a much better machine now for dealing w/ Photoshop CS4, Office, Internet but no gaming. I’ve looked into HP dv7-1270us, 2170us, 2180us, HDZ16-1370, HDX 16t. In Sony line Ive seen FW 460-J/t, 460 J/B, and NW 150 J/S. I’ve looked at several others & am open to suggestions/recommendations. I’d like at least 4 mb (expandable to ?), good graphic card w/it’s own mwmory like ATI HD 3xx or InVidia GeForce, preferably Intel core 2 processor (duo would be nice), 15+” screen up to 17″. I have a budget of $900-1200. Is there something decent that I can get that’s in that range? I’d really like to move on this purchase soon.

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    How are you working with Photoshop, and what are the specific areas you want to improve on ?

    Are you concerned with horsepower for working with very large images? Have you had issues with color accuracy or need more screen space to work with?


      Mark, what do U think about HP dv7-2173us/2173cl or dv7-121270us or HDX 16t/16-1370us.
      Please respond ASAP, I need new 1 soon


    Check this out, pretty nice deal: http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/25447


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    Mark, Thanks 4 the answer & question.

    Speed is probably the primary issue, but color accuracy is very signifigant. I look forward 2 Your response. Richard


    I’d still consider the deal I posted earlier. But if you want some more detail I’d suggest you post over here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/forumdisplay.php?f=16