How come I cannot access the internet after installing from a recovery disk and installing new drivers?

by on October 21, 2009

Q: I recently installed a new hard drive in a Dell XPS 400. I had to purchase a recovery disk from Dell since one was sent on original purchase. I could not access the Internet which I found out later that I needed to reload the drivers. After downloading the driver for the Intel pro 1000 pl, I installed it, but still cannot gain Internet access.

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    How are you trying to connect to the internet? Does the internet work for any other computers in the house?


    I have a cable modem and yes it does work on the desk top computer I am on now and a laptop that I use for work


    From the computer that isn’t working:
    go to start>run…
    Type in ipconfig
    and enter the results here


    After typing in ipconfig the DOS window flashes for a second and goes away. I repeated it several times with the same results.
    I have done this on other computers and I know what is supposed to be there (an IP address) but that did not happen…as I said the window flashed and disappeared.


    You need to do is type cmd or command and that will open the DOS looking window. Then from there do the ipconfig and that way you will be able to see the results.


    After typing in ipconfig at the command prompt all it returns is “Windows IP Configutation”


    Try “ipconfig /all”


    I tried ipconfig/all and got the same message as before “WINDOWS IP CONFIGURATION”


    If you’re not seeing anything else come up other then ‘windows ip configuration’ then your Ethernet card’s drivers are probably not installed.

    Go into Device Manager and take a look.

    Right Click on My Computer, click properties, click the hardware tab, click Device Manager.

    Confirm there aren’t any question marks or exclamation points on any devices.


    There is 33 yellow exlamation marks:
    PCI Device
    Vidieo Connection
    Vidieo Connection (VGA connection)
    I noticed thta there was a red X on my network adapters icon. I did a properties on that and it allowed me to enable it.
    I then went back to the run command and did the ip config and these are the results:
    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection3:
    Connection specifics DNS Suffix….:
    Autoconfiguration IP address………..:
    Subnet Mask………………………………….: 255.555.0.0
    Default Gateway


    Okay, try rebooting and see if that gets you on-line.

    Additional, each of those exclamation marks are for different drivers that haven’t yet been installed for the computer. I suggest you go to dell’s website, punch in the service tag number for your computer on their drivers page and download all the drivers for the version of window’s you’re running.


    I already downloaded the drivers for thie site as you described just have got to that step yet since some diver searches need the ineternet.
    I will reboot and get back to you.