How come my recycle bin is not showing deleted items?

by on October 21, 2009

Q: I am running 32 bit Vista Home Basic. I just got rid of 2 nasty Trojans when I noticed Recycle Bin is NOT showing deleted items. Cannot find $Recycle.bin file at all, therefore regedit will not delete it so I can reboot and have another reinstall itself. Using personalization and “change your icon” does not help. Refreshing icon does not help. I cannot even delete the RB icon.

I first noticed that I had TWO RB icons. Could delete one and the one remaining can NOT be deleted, it’s not functioning at all and nothing shows up in it. Right clicking on it and clicking on Properties, the Settings for Selected Location section is not in bold and therefore I’m not able to check that area. I have tried to tweak Registry and even purchased and keep running RegCure. All Microsoft and tech helps want me to do all the above here and nothing is making a difference. I’m at my wit’s end. Any ideas for me?

One Response to “How come my recycle bin is not showing deleted items?”

    Cleaning up a mess after a trojan runs rampant through your pc is always very difficult. After spending as much time as you have already troubleshooting this problem, your best bet is to just wipe the drive and reinstall windows. You’ll have a fresh start and no more lingering trojan problems.

    After you do your fresh installation of Vista, check out for protecting your pc in the future.