Selecting a TV projector

by on October 22, 2009

Q: What is a reasonably priced television projector that is Macintosh compatible?

A: The good news is that it is difficult to find a TV projector that isn’t Mac compatible. The reason for this is because all computers, Macs and Windows based computers, use the same connections to connect to monitors, which is what a TV projector is treated as. The key would be to make sure that the Television projector has the same connection you have on your Mac or that you can get an adapter from your Mac to match what the TV projector wants.

When it comes to searching for a projector I suggest you get a list of what you need in a projector. Do you need a projector that can display a certain size image, a certain resolution image, or maybe you need a special feature. You might not know exactly what you are looking for until you compare multiple projectors but once you start comparing them make a list of what you need and a list of what you would like. Then figure out what your price point is to get everything you need and then from there see if it is worth spending the extra month to get the items you would like to have but don’t need.

You can start your search for a TV projector at where you can read user reviews. We always suggest reading user reviews as well as reviews from sites like so that you can get real world results of how a projector might work for you. We don’t think you should put as much weight on the rating though. You should read the reviews to figure out what people say an item does and does not do and see if it fits into what you want to do because everyone uses an item for different things so what might not work for one person might work for you.

On item people might be interested in as an addon to their Television projector might this Warpia Wireless PC to TV Projector Display Converter Kit. This connects to your computer via USB and sends the signal wirelessly over to your TV projector so that you don’t have to have the computer in the same room as your projector.

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