What are the latest and best technologies I should put in a new computer I am building?

by on October 22, 2009

Q: I am thinking about buying a new computer. I will be using this computer for Home Use, Microsoft Office Software Applications, Internet and Games with Windows XP Professional.

I know I want to stick with an Intel processor, Intel (or compatible) motherboard, 2 or 3 PCI Express expansion slots, at least 2GB of RAM, SATA hard drive, at least 4 USB (2.0) and a 512 MB ATI or Nvidia video card.

I was hoping to be able to order these parts off of newegg.com and assemble the computer myself. However, when I started looking at parts I discovered that I have been out of the loop of computers for a little too long and some questions popped up. As a result, I need to get some advise from someone that has been in the loop on the changes and current trends in the computer world.

The questions I have are:

1) Currently, what are/is a good chipset for Core 2 Duo Intel processor(s)?

2) Will I need Hardware Virtualization Support?

3) With current trends, is it best to go ahead and go for DDR3 memory module or go with a DDR2?

4) Is there anything else that you can think of on changes in the computer world that I need to be aware of? I have been out of the loop since like 2004.

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    You’ve missed a good bit. I can give you a bunch of suggestions but first a few questions for you:

    – What is your budget?
    – What parts are you currently planning on carrying over from your old computer?
    – Since you mentioned games, are you going to want to be able to play the latest and greatest in pc gaming?
    – What kind of monitor are you using right now?



      Answers to your questions are as follows:

      1) My budget is to try to stay under $500.

      2) I am currently planning on using my old monitor, keyboard, mouse, floppy drive and CD-Rom.

      3) The games I like to play are more stragety type games. I am not into the shooting each other type games. I like warcraft, starcraft, zoo tycoon, so on.

      4) I am currently using an Acer AL1716.


    Given your budget I would suggest just purchasing a Dell or HP system off the shelf and then buying your own video card (Dell charges stupidly high prices for video card upgrades). This will get you much more bang for your buck and you’ll be able to enjoy Windows 7.

    Keep an eye on slickdeals.net and their forum for really good deals of systems.