Skype rates explained

by on October 23, 2009

Q: What are the base Skype rates and what are the Skype rates when calling a toll free number to use a calling card?

A: Skype rates are a little complicated to grasp quickly although not that much different from a calling card. Skype wants you to think the rates are very easy to understand by giving you a very simple and easy to read global rate page but they are not. The first issue is the connection fee, that at best is difficult to grasp at first. As of this writing, if you are setup to use the USD and you are calling to a global rate country then your connection fee is $0.039 but if you are calling to a non global rate country then the connection fee is $0.079.

So it does not matter where you call from but it matters what currency you are setup to pay with. It might seem a little odd but it certainly makes things simpler in the long run because what if you travel to another country and what to make a call? With this setup you are able to make the call at the same rate as you would from home and at the same price. However, to make things a little more complicated there is no connection fee if you use a Skype unlimited subscription plan.

How do you figure out if the country is a global rate country or not though? To do this you have to go to Skype rates page where it lists every country. This page lists mobile different for some countries and even different providers at different rates. It gets even more complicated when different items show up like “shared cost”. The person you are calling probably knows what they are setup with but that does not mean you do so it certainly makes it difficult to figure out what your cost will be before making a call.

I certainly don’t blame Skype for making this stuff difficult though. Every country has their own calling rates and costs and Skype cannot control that. Skype could have just made everything a flat rate and made more money on some calls and less on others but then we, the consumer, would not be getting the best deal we could be but with anything you should make sure to shop around. It is possible you can find calling cards with better rates than the Skype rates so you should certainly shop around if you will be calling someone often.

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