How can I remove the trojan Win 32?

by on October 24, 2009

Q: Trojan Win32 virus won’t allow me to remove them with anti virus software. How ca I remove it?

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    Try Microsoft Security Essentials:


    I have the Trojan:Win 32 Aleuron virus and it won’t allow me to download anti virus software – a message appears that says the software is not a Win 32 application. Also when I use Windows Defender the virus is not detected even thought it is listed in the Defender history.
    My web page display looks extremely different sometimes it returns to how it looked originally.
    I can’t watch youtube videos even though I have Adobe flashplayer.

    One day the mouse was moving by itself.
    Could my computer be hacked?

    I need instructions to get rid of these viruses that are hidden or may be lurking in registry or some where else.

    Can someone help me.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Due to the highly destructive nature of this Trojan, I highly recommended that you wipe this drive and re-install your operating system.

    – Disconnect this system from the internet
    – Transfer important files to a separate drive (do not use attach this drive to any other pc)
    – Wipe drive and reinstall your operating system along with appropriate updates and drivers
    – Install Microsoft Security Essentials (for anti-virus and spyware protection) and allow it to update and scan the system.
    – Hook up the drive you copied important files to and have Security Essentials scan that drive completely.

    Seek a local computer professional if you’re unsure of how to do any of these steps.


    For extra safety, in the event that your system was compromised, you should also update your passwords to any important websites you’ve used from this computer (banks, credit cards, etc.) from a clean computer.