What is a good pan and zoom webcam that works in low light?

by on October 24, 2009

Q: Does anyone have a suggestion for a semi-picky webcam user? I need an indoors, limited light webcam for use on a java website. I need it to have a remote control with pan, tilt and optical zoom of at least 4x. It also needs to be wireless, but that is only 75% critical. Something non-intrusive and easy to place. I want to temporarily mount it on my monitor, on top of the TV, desk, or wall near ceiling. I am not looking for night vision or anything rugged. I understand I am asking for high end equipment but I do have a limited budget. Hope someone can help me out on this.

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    I suggest you take a look at some of logitech’s latest offerings: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/webcam_communications/webcams/&cl=us,en

    Then for additional research, check out the latest reviews of these products at newegg.com as well as do some google searches for the specific model you’re interested along with the word “review” to read some more in depth reviews of the items.


    I looked through the site, and every webcam they have. Heree are my findings for what I absolutely require for my business:

    Under $150 = Yes
    Motorised = No
    Optical Zoom = No
    Digital Zoom = No
    Wireless = No
    Remote Control = No
    Ethernet Ready = No
    Average User Rating Above 75% = No

    I dont want to get offensive here but it does not seem like you even read my requirements……

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    To be fair, all you said was that you had a limited budget and you need a camera that did pan, tilt, and optical zoom with a preference towards wireless but it was not a requirement. You also asked for a remote but that is some what of a weird request because normally the web software would control a pan and tilt camera not a physical remote.

    Just so we are on the same page you never requested it to be under $150, ethernet ready, and have a user rating above 75%. Now that everyone is on the same page you probably wont find many cameras in the under $150 price range that do what you want and have an above 75% rating. The reason the cameras that do all this are in that price range is because they lack certain things that people want. The key is to figure out what they lack and get the one that lacks the stuff you don’t need. This, however, requires a good amount of time reading all the reviews and user feedback and understanding exactly what you need.

    Also most wireless cameras wont have an ethernet option because, well, they are wireless. Adding ethernet would just increase the price of the device for no good reason.

    The last thing to remember is that the lower the price of a camera the less likely it is to work in low light conditions. It is difficult and expensive to make cameras that work well in low light conditions so to get this you have to pay a premium.

    You can find some okay options at under $150 over at amazon.com. If you want to get cameras that work well in very low light or even at night time then you are going to have to look more in the $250 range where you can find night cameras like the TRENDnet TV-IP422W.


    completely wireless webcam with a IR remote control, 10x optical zoom, digital zoom, motorised pan and tilt, >75% satisfaction ratings = Sony EVI 100 = $1200 (requires s-video adapter, newegg.com $38)

    Best cam within my budget, does everything I want (with some tricks i can do) = Logitech Quickcam Orbit.

    It specifically says in the specs that has a motor and that it can be used for YM.

    I did NOT want other people to control my video feed. Laying out the cards, I am a webcam performer on an adult site, so I need some faily good equipment. This works. I would never get my money out of the Sony but this, I can do.