Does Lime Wire create viruses on your computer?

by on October 25, 2009

Q: Does Lime Wire create viruses on your computer?

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    No Lime Wire does not create viruses but often times what happens is people will download a program via a peer to peer sharing program that is a virus or a trojan. So you might think you are downloading a certain song or a certain program and you might even get that program or music but attached to it might be a virus or a trojan that will cause major problems with your computer.

    I was watching a great show on CNBC the other day called American Greed where they exactly explained that a lot of the identity theft rings around the world put software on peer to peer sites like Lime Wire and use that to steel peoples identities.

    Not to try to scare you too much but if someone steels your identity you will be in a great deal of financial trouble for a long time so I would strongly advice NEVER running Lime Wire or any peer to peer software like that on a computer that might contain any personal information.