Is there anyway to boost the wireless signal for my laptop?

by on October 30, 2009

Q: My daughter has a new ASUS compact desktop computer using Windows Vista. It has a built-in wireless modem that is used to access a free wireless system that her community offers.

Unfortunately the wireless signal at her home is very poor where she has to locate her computer.

What can be done to improve the signal to her computer?

The wireless card is inside the computer and there is no external antennae connector such that an external antennae could be connected and placed in a better location.

Can some kind of a wireless device that would receive the signal from the towns wireless transmitter and then retransmit it to her computers small internal antennae?

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    I suggest you read WiFi Signal Booster Options because it will cover the different options you should have.


    Thanks for the info.

    I read over it but I am not sure any of those pertain to my situation.

    As I said originally, there is no connector to hook up an external antenae and her system does not use a router since she receives her wireless direct from the city’s system to her modem that is built into her desktop.

    If I buy a router, will it receive the wireless signal from the city system and then rebroadcast it to her computer?

    If it will, does anything special need to be done to set it up that way?

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      The option you should be looking at is the WiFi Signal Booster. Before spending any money I would contact the city to see what device they suggest. They might even have a website that has the information.