How come my computer has started to have weird colored lines on my monitor?

by on October 31, 2009

Q: My friends computer has begun to do have weird colored lines on his monitor every now and then. It does not seem to affect performance of the computers and from what we can tell it first happened while playing HALO. What could be wrong and how can we fix it?

Weird colored lines on monitor

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    Since the computer still seems to work okay when those lines are showing up then I’m going to guess that it’s an issue with the monitor. Double-check all your connections to make sure there isn’t anything loose.

    Is this an old CRT tube Monitor? I’d suggest trying a different monitor and see if you can reproduce the error.


    Thanks Mark. We have already ruled out the monitor (by checking it on several different ones)…same thing appears on each one. None of us have a tube monitor, by the way. So, could this be a graphics card problem??? And if so, why isn’t the disruption permanent??? THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!


    If you’ve already tried a few monitors then it’s a video card issue for sure.

    What kind of video card is this and what version of windows are you running?


    I really appreciate your help. Windows xp, Raeddon 9800 pro, 128 nb (hope I heard that right).


    – Grab the latest drivers from
    – reseat the video card to make sure it isn’t loose at all inside the computer
    – make sure the fan on the card (if there is one) is spinning
    – get rid of any dust that might be piled up on or near the card

    If none of that helps at all, then I think you’re in the market for a new video card .