Is it safe to store my photos on a removable USB disk?

by on October 31, 2009

Q: To save space and memory on my computer, I would like to use a USB removable disk to store photos. Is this a secure way to store photos and what memory capacity should the USB have?

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    The only way to have reliable storage of data that you care about is to keep backups. USB Drives get corrupt, harddrives can crash and DVDs get scratched up or broken.

    If you’re running low on harddrive space with your PC I’d suggest getting a new internal harddrive (not external since I see people knocking them off desks all the time) to use as primary storage and then using a photo management program like picasa to burn backups on a regular basis to DVDs and keep them off-site.

    As far as how much space you need is completely dependent on how many photos you take and what kind of camera you’re using. Divide the size of the harddrive you’re buying (ex 640GB= 640,000 MB) by how your photos are (let’s say 1.5MB), and you’ll see that you can store about 426,667 photos.


    as you said, you used a portable usb drive, and portable also means anyone can steal it or you lost it. So thinking best way to protect your files is use some encrypted tools to deal with this case.
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