What makes a full size keyboardfull size?

by on November 4, 2009

Q: Full-size keyboard is a keyboard that includes the number pad, all keys and qwerty layout (to my understanding) What do you call a keyboard that is smaller than a normal keyboard? (Example – a notebook keyboard)

I had a customer inform me that a notebook keyboard is not a full sized keyboard even if it includes everything. To my understanding a full-sized keyboard is a keyboard that can be any size as long as it includes everything. I understand that he means its smaller in size comparison.

Is there another term? Or is this term really this vague?

One Response to “What makes a full size keyboardfull size?”

    Besides what people tend to refer to as a full sized keyboard, there isn’t any specific official terminology or standards. Smaller keyboards are usually just referred to as “laptop-sized” or even “thumb-sized” if you’re talking about a blackberry or iphone.