What is a good video card for my Dell OptiPlex 320?

by on November 6, 2009

Q: I have a DELL OptiPlex 320 with an AIT chipset. About a year ago I was trying to upgrade my graphics card and tried several ATI, NVIDIA cards and none of them would work in my system. After taking it to several computer shops, I found a guy that got a Sapphire X300SE to work. Now I am wanting to upgrade to a better card and curious if any ATI card will now work in my system or will I have to do something different other than installing it?

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    1) AGP or PCI-Express?
    2) Is the reason all the other cards didn’t work because your computer case is really thin and you require a low profile card?
    3) Why are you planning on upgrading the video card? Something specific you want to play?


    PCI-Express x16, the computer case is a normal size tower and I want to play World of Warcraft. It has a Sapphire x300SE in it now and my frame rate is pretty low. I have 4GB of Ram and I have upgraded the power supply.


    Okay, you should be able toss just about anything in there and be fine. I’d probably go with a Radeon 4850, should be able to find them for about $100 on-line. As you more forward and want better performance your next step would be a motherboard/cpu replacement.

    Any idea of why other video cards wouldn’t work in your PC?


    I purchased several cards at Best Buy and each one would be not be recognized by the CPU. I called Dell and the tech on the phone told me that since it was an ATI motherboard, that only an ATI product would work. So then I tried several ATI products and still nothing. I took it into Circuit City’s computer department and told the guys there about my problem. After about 8 hours of trying they finally gave up.

    I think the biggest problem was the CPU would not recognize the new card.

    The guy that did actually get a card to work in it as closed his business so I cannot ask him what he did to get a card to work in it.


    Update on my situation…I bought an ATI Radeon HD 4350, PCI-E x16. I installed it into the PCI-E x16 slot, powered up my system, checked BIOS to make sure the onboard video was off and I got the windows loading screen and then it went black, just like the others that I tried before. I checked to make sure the card was seated correctly, booted once again, and after the Windows screen, it went black.

    Not for sure what the computer tech did before to get the Sapphire X300 SE to work but after I pulled the new card out and placed the the X300 back in, my computer booted fine.


    That’s really strange. My only thought would be to remove the old drivers before removing the old card.


    I also have an Optiplex 320. i immediately did a search that came up with this topic (and also pulled up the tech specs for the optiplex 320)

    the first thign that stuck out to me was the 25Watts MAXIMUM power supply to the PCIX16 slot in the machine.

    i suggest tryign to find the most powerful LOW POWER card you can

    my first immediate thought for your warcraft need (similar needs here) would be the newest Nvidia cards (GT 220 and 240) i am willing to bet money the gt 220 is really low power.

    im nto as familiar with ati cards, but im sure they must have a low power one as well

    the important thing, regardless fo generation.. get teh highest grade model you can at the lowest power