How come a wireless booster is not allowing me to sign onto the wireless network?

by on November 8, 2009

Q: I share wireless with my landlord, yes this is trouble. Anyway, the router they use does not have great range and I have been unable to use the wireless from my desk.

To solve this problem , they just bought a wireless booster. The side of the booster simply say Linksys Wireless-G range expander.

My problem is now I can see the signal, but I cannot see that the signal is encrypted. This means I cannot connect to the wireless with my desktop.

I moved my computer to the room where we can actually pick up the un-boosted signal and now I can see that the signal is secured, and my comp will provide the key.

In short: My problem is the booster is boosting the signal, but is not passing along that a key is needed. Meaning, when I use the boosted signal I’m still locked out since the router will not connect me to the Internet.

Anyone familiar with this issue or how to solve it? I didn’t see anything on a quick Google or Ask A Geek search.

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    I am willing to bet the problem is that the “auto configuration” button was used. The problem is you cannot use this button if your wireless setup is using encryption. You will need to follow the wired setup which requires you connect to the range extender and set the SSID, channel, and security settings. I always suggest doing this via the web browser but you can find more information by downloading the user guide on the Lynksys site. You will find the information in chapter 4, which starts on page 8.


    I forwarded them the information you gave me, and it looks like the router is now properly configured, thank you!


    You are welcome. I am glad we could help!