What is an index.dat analyzer?

by on November 12, 2009

Q: What is an index.dat analyzer?

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    Index.dat is a file that Internet Explorer uses to cache recently visited websites.

    If you’re concerned about privacy and the data stored in this file you have several options.

    1) Both Firefox and recent versions of Internet Explorer have “Private Browsing” modes that will not record any internet history when they are turned on.

    2) If you would like the delete and/or review the contents of this file I suggest using ccleaner which is discussed in this article http://www.timeatlas.com/useful_utilities/free/ccleaner_removes_trash_and_tracks

    It will also explain more about index.dat.

    ccleaner is a great free program that is a favorite at askageek.com you can download it here http://www.ccleaner.com