How can I make it so when IE opens the browser takes up the entire screen?

by on November 13, 2009

Q: Is there a setting to change that will allow me to open new IE windows in an expanded view? Recently, all my windows open to only narrow toolbar. I have to go to view and maximize each time.

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    IE should remember the size of the very last IE window that is closed, and open the same way when you start it up again. However, there are two tricks to this:

    1) Use File>Close… instead of the X in the top right
    2) Re size the window by dragging the edges, not using the maximize button


    When I FIRST open IE, the home page is full size, however, any new window that opens during the session is always the view of narrow toolbar. I have tried to drag new screen to enlarge, but I don’t see any change. This has only started happening recently, and I wonder if I have inadvertently performed a key command that has influenced.


    Me again: I also forgot to mention that when I click on a link and it opens this narrow window, it seems to open two windows of the same address. So I am now unable to have window open to full size screen and for some reason two windows open each time.

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    Thanks, Mark, for the link. Found my answer: I was missing the step of holding Ctrl button as I closed my windows opened from link jumps. Everything works as expected now!