Analyze index.dat

by on November 17, 2009

Q: What is an index.dat analyzer and why would I want to analyze my index.dat file?

A: Index.dat is a file that Internet Explorer uses to cache recently visited websites. An index.dat analyzer would be a program that would analyze the information stored in index.dat. People would normally use an index.dat analyzer if they want to see what they viewed or if they want to see what someone else viewed using their web browser.

Since someone might use the index.dat file to see what you have been doing then you might be concerned about privacy. To stop data from getting stored in index.dat you can use the “Private Browsing” mode built into the newer versions of most web browsers including Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. When in “Private Browsing” mode the browser will not record any information related to what pages you are visiting.

If you would like to delete and/or review the contents of index.dat then we suggest using ccleaner. You can read about ccleaner to get a better idea of what it can do to protect your privacy and to learn more about index.dat.

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