Can I use the Panasonic BL-C131A with instant messager?

by on November 17, 2009

Q: I am considering getting a Panasonic BL-C131A webcam and want to make sure I am understanding the specs. It says it connects via Ethernet, which I can plug into my router. Does that mean I am able to use it for video broadcasting of myself through websites and be able to use it on messenger? I don’t want to spend more than a whole paycheck if its just a surveillance camera that I don’t need.

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    The Panasonic BL-C131A is an IP cam or sometimes called a network cam. I have never seen an IP cam/network cam used with an instant messenger client and I don’t believe it is possible. The reason it is not possible is that there is no way to tell your instant messenger client to use the video from a network camera. The only options are webcams that are connected to the computer via USB.


    Thanks. many of the cameras I was looking at were network cameras. Is there a way to adapt a USB webcam so I can use it wirelessly? I have a desktop, a few USB extension cords and a wireless router. I can also purchase a transmitter/USB receiver or whatever.


      Why do you want a wireless webcam to do instant messaging? Are you trying to get a single webcam that can do surveillance and do video chats?


    Well, I signed up with an online company that does video broadcasting and my viewers request certain things that require me to be able to move around. I also would need to be versitile in my angles. It uses java to connect to the camera. I have seen other people who have a remote control for the camera and it can zoom and rotate. Mostly though, the ones I have seen do just one of those. I got to thinking about it at work and I realized that a USB webcam draws its power from the computer so the transmitter would have to have a AA or AAA battery.

    I am highly considering the Logitech Orbit, which has most of the features and it has the ability to tower vertically which can do what I need.


      If you want a camera that can be controlled from the web then you want one that has remote control capabilities (not a remote like a TV remote but remote as in from a remote location). The ones that support that usually have Java applications that you can put on your website to allow users to control the camera.

      I am not sure the Logitech Orbit will do what you want it to do though. It is USB base so you will have to have your computer on for it to work and I don’t think anyone else can control it. It seems like it has software that will track you moving around.

      I think the only cameras that will have the remote capabilities are the IP/network cameras but then we have the problem with it not working for video chats on instant massager applications.


    I ended up getting the Logitech Orbit and it works well. It has software-controlled zoom and pan, though the percentage label on the controller window doesnt reffresh so the numbers overlap and gets unreadable. Overall a good camera. Works the way I need it to. If only it had infrared control capability so I can rotate it from across the room, but in the end my budget wont allow that yet. My clients are satisfied with it and so am I.