How do I find the perfect computer?

by on November 17, 2009

Q: I am doing a paper for one of my classes about the perfect computer for me! I did a quiz online to try to find the perfect computer and it didn’t help me much. I was hoping you could help me find a computer to meet my guidelines:

1. A laptop for traveling
2. Will be used for surfing the Internet, educational purposes, and music.
3. Burn CDs
4. Needs Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
5. Lots of memory to hold pictures and music
6. USB plug in for digital cameras
7. Under $1000 or up to $1200

I know its complicated! Thank you so much! Please give me the website you find it on to explain why this laptop will fit my needs!

One Response to “How do I find the perfect computer?”

    Besides it being a laptop it does not seem like you are very specific about anything else so almost any computer, based on your criteria, would meet your definition of a perfect computer. As with anyone looking for their perfect computer we always tell them to make a requirements list, which you did so congrats. Now the key is to take your requirements and start searching all the electronic retailers sites.

    If I had to select a computer that would fit the bill for all that I would buy a 13 inch MacBook Pro.