Run SLI between two different video cards

by on November 19, 2009

Q: Can I set SLI between a GTX 285 xxx edition and a normal GTX 285 without too much hassle?

A: We have seen some cases where this works and some cases where this does not. If both cards are in the same series like GTX 285 and GTX 285 xxx edition then there is a chance it will work fine. If, however, one is a GTX 285 and one is a GTX 295 then you probably wont have any luck.

When setting it up SLI just make sure you put the faster/more powerful card as the primary card. We should stress that you should not go out and buy a card based on this information. You should only be using this information if you already have two cards that are the same series but are different speeds. When setting up SLI it is always best to use identical cards if you want to make 100% sure it is going to work.

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