Should I install Eco Antivirus?

by on November 22, 2009

Q: Ok, so I just bought a brand new Toshiba laptop and I usually only go on myspace and facebook. Now something called Eco Anti-Virius wants me to download it because my computer has a bunch of threats on it. The problem is I already have Norton Security on my computer and when ever I go on any website (even this one) I get attacked and it says that i need to download the Eco Anti Virius for a lot of money. Any help? I am so clueless with this stuff.

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    Don’t install eco anti-virus, all those warnings are fake.

    Make sure the Norton is updated and let it do a full system scan.


    Also, here is some more detail on Eco Anti-virus, and how to possibly get rid of those pop-up message if Norton is unable to do anything about it.


    Eco Antivirus removal guide:

    Anti-spyware application that may help you:
    MalwareBytes anti-malware
    Spyware Doctor