Are Rundll32.exe, sm56hlpr.exe or NetFilter.exe viruses or malware?

by on November 23, 2009

Q: My Windows XP computer got a pop message about “new hardware not being found…” My son was playing WOW and no one was installing any hardware-or software on our end! Under Safe Mode, I’m reviewing startup tab items. Are any of these possible viruses or malware Rundll32.exe, sm56hlpr.exe or NetFilter.exe

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    They can either be important parts of windows or junk, as junk likes to mask itself that way.

    What kind of anti-virus/anti-malware software do you have installed?


    Norton Anti-Virus which stated there were no problems or suspicious items after a full scan. Since then, I did a “recovery” process which started the computer back to its original settings. This was after doing multiple “restore to earlier dates” and none of them working. I’m now re-loading some software. When I look at the processees running in task manager, it lists
    Spysub.exe. Should this be removed?
    Thank you!


    spysub.exe is a process associated with SpySubtract from InterMute maintains a database of windows processes, which is where I got the above information.