How come my computer freezes everytime I use a website that requires a login?

by on November 28, 2009

Q: I am running Windows Vista and my computer freezes up randomly. It happens nearly every time that I login to a website: i.e. yahoo, gmail, askageek, or any other site that requires a login. Is there a reason for this and how do I fix it?

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    This could be caused by any number of things, I’ll need some more detail to make a suggestion.

    Could you please tell me the following:
    – Make/Model of the computer and some system specs like Processor and RAM.
    – What browser and version are you using?
    – What kind of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware software are you running?
    – How long have you had the problem, and did you make any changes to the computer/install new software around the time the problem started?


      The computer is an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop with an Intel CPU and 512MB RAM.
      I am using Explorer 7.
      Currently I am using the Microsoft Security Essentials, but recently switched from Trend Micro Security.
      I have had the problem for 2-3 months. It was about the time we installed the Trend Mirco Security that the problems began, but we also had a virus that was removed at abou the same time too.

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    I’d suggest trying Firefox and see if that helps at all. Also, 512Megs of RAM is really low to be running Vista. I’d strongly suggest you consider upgrading to 2Gigs.