How come Norton wont let me install Microsoft Office 2003?

by on November 28, 2009

Q: I am trying to load MS Office 2003 on a brand new HP laptop. Norton keeps coming on and not allowing me to install. I’m not a techie, so what is the easiest way to disable the Norton so I can load this program?

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    Right click on the Norton icon in the bottom right next to the time, and look through the options there. You should see a button for disabling Norton.

    I’m guessing the only reason you’re running Norton this PC is because it was already installed. Consider uninstalling Norton completely and running Microsoft Security Essentials instead.
    It won’t beg you for money like Norton will in a few months, and it’s a lot less of a pain in the neck!


    In my experience I’ve found nothing but trouble and headaches with Norton. It will for example let everything but port 80 (browser traffic) out so you can ping and tracert everything, but can’t browse the web. When ever I fix a computer I ALWAYS remove this software and opt for the free AVG anti-virus or purchase a complete security solution.

    ANYTHING but Norton.