How do I fix an exception Privileged instruction from JavaSrvc.exe?

by on November 30, 2009

Q: Using an Aspire 3050 with Windows XP and the following error pops up before I even get to log into my account:

The exception Privileged instruction. (0xc0000096) occurred in the application at location 0x0061f8fb.
This error freezes the computer to the point where I can’t even click on the error to “debug” it. Help please?

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    Do you have Rosetta Stone Installed on your PC?


    Yes I do


    The JavaSrvc.exe file is part of Rosetta Stone. As a work around you can try getting into your PC via Windows Safe Mode:

    This should prevent that JavaSrvc.exe file from running.
    If you’re able to get into your PC, slick Start> Run.. and type in msconfig and click ok

    Go to the startup tab and look for any entries that mentions JavaSrvc.exe this might be in the Startup Item column or the Command Column. Uncheck the box to the left, click okay and reboot.

    Changing those settings may effect your ability to run Rosetta Stone, but at least you should be able to get back into your PC.

    After that I suggest you contact Rosetta Stone for support on their product:


    I can’t even get into safe mode but if I’m quick enough it will let me log into an account. I did try the msconfig but it’s not in the startup or command column. It seems like it’s running in the background because I can go thru the account but the cursor moves extremely slow. I’m going to attempt to remove the program itself and see if the program reoccurs.


    *see if the problem reoccurs


    I removed the program while in safe mode but it’s still freezing up. I did a search and found the in C:/WINDOWS/Prefetch. Can I just delete that or does Windows need it to function properly?


    Is that entry found in msconfig?