View mini disc video

by on November 30, 2009

Q: I have a Canon DC410 which uses mini discs. When I put the disc in my computer I don’t have anything that will open it. What can I do to get the video from the disc onto my computer?

A: You will first have to confirm that you are putting the disc in a DVD drive and not a CD drive. The mini disc is a small DVD.

If you are using a DVD drive then you should insert the disc like you have been. Once the disc is in then you will want to navigate to this drive by going to ‘My Computer’ and make sure that you can see some files on the disk.

From here you will want to try to open the files with DVD player software so that you can view the videos. If the problem is you don’t have DVD software then you can download VLC for free. It can play almost any video file out there.

If you are able to play the videos that then the last step is as simple as dragging the files off the DVD drive and onto your computer to the location you want them.

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