Fix new monitor resolution

by on December 1, 2009

Q: I just connected a 19″ Acer monitor to my computer and I cannot change the screen resolution. I am using Microsoft Windows XP and when I go into the screen settings the slider will not go any higher but I know the monitor supports higher resolutions. What do I have to do to resolve this problem?

A: You will need to go into the “Device Manager” and confirm your video card drivers are properly installed. To get to the Device Manager you need to “Right Click” on “My Computer”, click “Properties”, click the “Hardware” tab, and then click “Device Manager”.

One in the Device Manager you will want to confirm there are not any question marks or exclamation points on any devices. You will most likely need to expand the “Display Adapters” section so that it will list all the items listed beneath it (should only be one or two).

If there are question marks or exclamation points then you will have to resolve those by updating/installing the needed drivers or changing some settings. This should get you started in the right direction to get your new monitor working with your computer. Once you have these issues resolved you should be able to go back to your screen settings and change the resolution to match your monitor.

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