Is there anyway to undelete an email after deleting using shift + delete?

by on December 1, 2009

Q: I need software for undeleting. I deleted (shift+del) a .pst file and I need it back. Unfortunately, I did not select the option of “leave a copy on the server.”

Its pretty important as it is my wife’s boss’s email.

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    I ran that, took 2 hours to scan a 60gb drive, and I was able to recover a few *.pst.tmp files which I don’t have a way of using.


      You should be able to rename the file and change it from .pst.tmp to .pst and then you should be able to open it like normal.


    Just thought I’d leave my newly found knowledge with you in case you find yourself in such a predicament.

    Do’s and Don’ts of File Recovery

    Don’t – use shift+delete until you’re totally done cleaning stuff up and ensured its working
    Do – remove the drive that has the deleted and put it into another system as a slave or usb. This is recommended b/c ANY data that is written to the drive has the potential to destroy your deleted file. Install a file recovery application on your primary disk of the machine, then add your drive with the deleted files as a secondardy disk. Then run the undelete app.
    Do – instead of deleting, try renaming the file first.
    Don’t – be like me, when you’re dealing with email ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS leave a copy on the server. The server is your friend, it is managed by pros, not hacks. They’ve got your back.