How come I cannot access my jpeg files after backing them up?

by on December 2, 2009

Q: I am having a problem with some photo files. I tried to backup some photos with hp photo shop and the backup failed. The program ran to 98% complete then ejected the disc and a backup failed notice appeared. The disc cannot be read and now those photos are showing no preview available. I tried multiple programs to open the files but no luck. A file tool shows that the files no longer have a jpeg header, when the properties of the file shows a jpeg image along with size, date and so on. Do you have any suggestions?

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    Are you referring to the copies of the photos on your harddrive or the copies on the disk you burned?


    The copies on the hard drive show no preview. The disc cannot be accessed at all.


    Can you double check the name and version of this program you used to backup the images? You can probably go to Help > About from the program to get this detail.


    The program is HP photo & imaging V2.1.0


    I can’t find any mention of this kind of problem on-line. Sorry but the best I can suggest is to either take your computer to a local shop for some advice or try contacting HP.