Open ports for Xbox Live

by on December 2, 2009

Q: What NAT ports do I need to open to play Xbox Live unrestricted?

A: There are only a few symptoms that would require you change your firewall/router settings to use Xbox Live. You should remember that changing your firewall/router settings opens up your network to more security threats so you should only make this change if you have problems withe Xbox Live. The first sign that you might need to make changes to your firewall/router would be getting a yellow warning triangle when you run a test from the Xbox Live connection from inside the Network Settings screen.

The other reasons you might need to change your NAT settings on your firewall/router would be that you cannot join games with certain friends and they cannot join yours, you cannot hear certain players even though you can see the symbol saying they are talking, and you cannot accept invitations from certain users. If you are having these issues then you will need to consider making changes to your firewall/router.

You can visit the Microsoft Support site to see the actual ports that need to be tweaked and then you can visit to get an explanation of how to change them on your specific router.

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