Install Microsoft Office standard after having Office professional

by on December 3, 2009

Q: My PC came with a trial version of Office Professional. I have since purchased a full version of Office Standard and it won’t accept the activation code. Does this issue have anything to do with the trial version of Office Professional and if so what should I do to resolve it?

A: We always suggest uninstalling any software that you are not using. So in this case you should most certainly uninstall Office Professional before you try to install Office Standard. Remember to always backup any important files before adding or removing programs though because you never know what will happen.

In this case we suspect that uninstalling Office Professional will resolve the issues related to not being able to activate your purchased version of Office Standard. If for some reason this does not resolve it, then you will need to contact the support number on the Office Standard package because it will end up being something with the activation code.

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