How do I make a modal div?

by on December 5, 2009

Q: How do I disable the content on a web page until a user enters data into a modal div? I’d also like to have a gray shade pulled over the disabled content so it’s obvious that the front window is modal.

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    The first problem you are going to run into is that you need to use JavaScript and people can get around the login by just turning off JavaScript in their web browser.

    It seems like you are looking for something like a jQuery lightbox and you can find a few of the jQuery lightbox scripts reviewed at


    thanks. i downloaded the zip file on that site, tested it out. i like how it animates the shade which is an option i may use in the future. i wouldnt use the login function for it however i would end up using it for other things. i will read the script to find out how to disable the “click the page to close the new window” code.