How come my computer continuously makes noises like it is updating?

by on December 8, 2009

Q: I think I have a virus. I have updated and scanned my computer and it all looks good. I cleaned the registry and other computer clean up. But when I am either in Fire Fox or IE, things run very slow, lock up and have even kicked me out of the Internet. At times the icons on my desktop have been moved around. I am constantly hearing nose, like my computer is continuously updating. Does this sound like a virus is in my system?

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    The noise you’re hearing is the sound of your hard drive working away, it doesn’t mean you have a virus, just that your computer needs to access the hard drive a lot for some reason.

    What software are you using to scan your PC for viruses and malware/spyware?

    Also, what version of Windows are you running, and how much RAM does your computer currently have?


    I’m using ZoneAlarm Security Suite. I have additional spyware software Spybot. I did a major update and it seems to be running a bit better. Though still running slow and kicking me out at times.