Should I get a flash or HD based MP3 player?

by on December 8, 2009

Q: I’m debating what kind of mp3 player to get for Christmas, and I’m stuck on whether to get flash or HD based.

I have about 19 GB of music, and I will probably get more soon, so the more space the better. Since HD can have larger storage, I’m considering one of those.

However, I’m extremely clumsy and tend to drop my electronics a lot. Additionally, I will be using my MP3 player at the gym. So I’m not sure if HD is really the best choice for me. Does HD really get affected that much with being dropped, or are reviewers just exaggerating?

But at the same time, I’m really poor, and cheaper is best. So what do you guys think. HD or Flash?

Additionally, if you guys want to recommend a specific MP3 player, that would be awesome. I’ve had iPods in the past and want to try something new.

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    Hard drives have moving parts so any abrupt movement can and will eventually cause problems. Dropping, running, bouncing, etc will all eventually cause data loss or the hard drive to fail sooner than it should.

    If you know you will drop it and if you know you are going to use it at the gym then you should really consider getting a flash based MP3 player.

    As for what one to go with I would ask if you have been happy with your iPods and if you have then I would stay stick with them. The iPods are generally ranked highest in all the reviews and it is because they tend to be the most user friendly.


    Yeah, definitely go for the flash based mp3 player. I remain a fan of the ipods as apple still has everyone beat with their features and ease of use.

    If you’re looking to keep things cheap keep an eye on the forums for any good sales on ipods and also your local listings for anyone who might be upgrading to a new player.