Are there any free anti spyware programs that can protect my computer?

by on December 10, 2009

Q: My computer is running very slow. I am told that this is caused by spyware. I have McAfee anti virus protection. Are there any FREE anti spyware programs to rid my computer of this and protect it from here on?

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    Try Malwarebytes (FREE) and Spyware Doctor (FREE scanner)


    We usually suggest Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware (there is a free version for personal use) but there are multiple solutions out there. Just make sure you do your research by reading as many reviews as you can on any other software to make sure there are no side effects that you don’t want.


    andrea907 recommends the right FREE anti-spyware. I have downloaded the wondershare spyware removal and applied a keycode. It works!
    Besides, computer running slow can have many reasons like low RAM, too many programs installed on your computer, registry errors, etc. You need to do more to solve the problem. Check another free tool: free registry defrag, it can be used with a registry cleaner to fix registry errors and get your computer running faster.