Can I connect multiple switches to my router?

by on December 11, 2009

Q: I have a linksys (wrt310n) router linked to a netgear prosafe gigabit switch (gs108). Can I add another netgear (gs108) to the Link and still steam movie and files to all connection?

One Response to “Can I connect multiple switches to my router?”

    Yes you can add more switches to your router to expand the number of ports you have to connect other machines. The bandwidth issue will really depend on how much data the new machines you add take up. As you add more and more machines to a network and more and more users use the internet then the amount of Internet available to each user becomes less and less because there is only so much Internet available.

    If your Internet connection speed becomes an issue then you can look at increasing the speed of your Internet connection but you will only know if you need to do that once you actually set things up and see how adding new users will effect it.