Do I need Webroot or is the Trend sufficient?

by on December 13, 2009

Q: Recently my computer lost power in the middle of an update of Webroot spyware. I couldn’t get my computer to do anythin at all until Im uninstalled Webroot (I also have Trend Micro). Now my computer runs better and faster than ever!! Do I need Webroot or is the Trend sufficient?

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    It looks like Trend Micro has an Antivirus & Spyware package. If you have that then you don’t need webroot. It is a good idea to have both an Antivirus protection package and a Spyware protection package but I don’t personally think the Spyware one should run all the time. I think running it each time you boot is probably enough as long as you are careful about what you download.


    Yeah, my Trend Micro is the Antivirus & Spyware Package. I kind of thought that was the answer I’d get, just wanted to double check. I never understood why the computer came with both of the softwares in the first place. Thanks!