How can I plug a digital phone into my laptop?

by on December 14, 2009

Q: I have a digital phone, similar to Vonage, and I want to be able to plug it in to my laptop and leverage the wireless network to be able to make calls.

Computer is IBM Laptop, XP SP3.

I intend to plug my patch cable into my network card and be able to use the wireless connection to get out to the internet.

I do not care about latency, I just want to make it work in theory.

Thoughts? Links?

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    Any ability to make VOIP phone calls with your laptop instead of the phone would require software from the company you have the service with. That company should be able to give you the best answer.

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    I was able to enable internet connection sharing and ran the WAN port from my iris3000 video phone into my laptop’s ethernet port. Worked straight away.

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