How come my computer is running slow now that my Norton subscription has run out?

by on December 14, 2009

Q: 2 weeks ago my Norton Subscription ran out. Since then, my PC (with Vista) has been really slow (30 sec+ to load a page). I uninstalled Norton and tried to upload a new antivirus program, but it won’t let me. It has also told me that a program is trying to get into my memory system. Do I have a virus?

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    Can you provide some more detail.

    1) What new antivirus program did you try to install?
    2) What do you mean by “it won’t let me”.

    We usually suggest


    I am trying to install Sophos. What I mean by “it won’t let me” is that once I have started to download the program, I hit run. It then opens the box where it is running through a list of extracting programs, the box has the install button on the bottom. However, I can’t press it. Also, once it is through running through the programs, my user account control pops up and says that the program is unidentified and asks if I want to allow or cancel. I press allow, then the swirling circle pops up right next to my mouse cursor and then it goes away and so does the box where I should have been able to press install. If I press cancel once the account control pops up, it has me hit it twice and then nothing happens. If I hit cancel first and then allow, the same thing happens as if I just hit allow. I cannot find the program in my C drive, where it says that it is placing it while the extracting programs box is up. All that there is is an icon on my desktop that says “SAV7unmanaged”. When I click on this, I get the box with the program extraction scrolling data.


    Confirm Norton has been uninstalled (check add/remove programs).

    Sounds like that version of Sophos doesn’t support Vista or 7 very well. Try