How come my laptop works fine until I connect it to my home network?

by on December 20, 2009

Q: My laptop works fine until I connect to my home Internet. Then after about 10 to 20 minutes my laptop freezes and I get a high pitched noise.

1. Alt, Crt, Del does not work.
2. I have to reboot the laptop.
3. I have run a Dell diagnostic – no errors.
4. I have run a full scan with Panda Global Protection 2010 – no problems.
5. I have run Malwarebytes anti malware – no problem.
6. System is Windows Xp with 2GB ram and about 15 months old.
7. I also have another laptop and a PC which connects to my home Internet – no problems with these!!

Can anyone help?

2 Responses to “How come my laptop works fine until I connect it to my home network?”

    Try reinstalling your drivers for your network card. Is there a difference between using wireless or wired connection?

    If none of these things make a difference consider reinstalling Windows.


    Thank you for your reply. My son is far better than me on a computer adn he is away on holiday until 3rd January. As soon as he is back I will ask him to do what you say and I will let you know the outcome.
    Once again Thank you!!!