How do I install classic on a Mac running OS X?

by on December 21, 2009

Q: I am running a Mac OS 10.3 computer. It says that it has classic but it needs to be installed on a system folder. I know its for apps for 9.1 and I already have a partition for it, but how do I install it?

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    You should have classic installed in your Applications folder already with 10.3. I think maybe what is happening is you need to install the application you are trying to run in that application folder. I have never actually installed anything using classic but I would assume you have to either start up classic and install it using that or you would have to just install it in the classic folder and run it from there.

    Can you tell me what program you are trying to run so I can research it a little more?


    its just any applications that requests 9.2 in general.