How do I send a video to my LG Xenon GR500 from my Mac?

by on December 24, 2009

Q: I have an LG Xenon GR500 and I want to send a video via bluetooth from my Mac. I send it via format movie but it goes to other. What format does it support?

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    It looks like the LG Xenon GR500 supports BlueTooth file transfer so this means you can connect to it via BlueTooth from your Mac and transfer files that way.

    To do this you need to make the phone discoverable (you will have to read the manual on how to do this) and then go into “System Preferences…” on your mac and then select “BlueTooth”. From here you can walk though the wizard to setup the device.

    Once you have the computer connected to the phone via BlueTooth you can use start transferring video between the two.

    The LG GR500 features page does not discuss it playing videos. It says it can record them but it does not get into details about what kind of videos it supports. What I would do is take a video on the device and transfer it to your computer and figure out what format it is saved in. From there I would then convert your videos to that format so you can play them on the device.


    I found out that it has the format 3gp but when I tried sending a video to my phone it still didn’t work saying file format not supported.


      It might be the size of the video then.