What is the easiest way to play video from my camcorder on my TV?

by on December 27, 2009

Q: I want to play my camcorder videos on my TV using the easiest method possible. What electronic device should I transfer my camcorder videos to so it can plug into my TV USB port and play my videos?

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    The easiest way would be to just use the audio/video out of your camcorder and plug that into the TV to play your videos.

    That USB port on your TV probably doesn’t support this type of video playback. If you need more information I’d need to know the model of TV and Camcorder you’re using.


    Thanks Mark. The camcorder I’m thinking of buying is a JVC GZHM200 and the TV I have is a LG 47LG50. I’m more concerned with once my 60 GB hard drive fills up on the camcorder, what device can I transfer the videos to (save) and plug that device into my TV (convieniently) whenever I want to watch the videos. What device would work the best for that … am I going to need a windows media player?

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    From reading the product description from Amazon it looks like this camcorder offers an easy conversion of video to DVD format. So you should be able to just plug the camcorder into your PC and burn the video to DVD.

    Check out the manual for details: http://www.retrevo.com/support/JVC-GZ-HM200-Camcorders-manual/id/23204bh947/t/2/


    That’s exactly what I was wondering! For me that would be the easiest way. And correct me if I’m wrong but if I buy a blank DVD RW disc, I can add videos at different times until the disc is full … right? Thanks Mark.


    You can even do that with a blank DVD-R disk. For how dirt cheap DVD-R disks are, just buy a bunch and experiment.


    Thanks Mark.