How can I get the WEP key for my router?

by on December 28, 2009

Q: My friend has a linksys router and we can’t find the WEP key to it! It’s not on the router and I tried typing in his gateway in the address bar to login to the account, but whenever I type in his gateway IP address the “admin” and “password” doesn’t show up!

The only thing that shows is, “AOL SearchSkip over navigation The web address you entered could not be found”. So we have no way of checking the WEP key! I’ve even went into regedit and tried to find the key using a tutorial I found but still no luck!

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    Is resetting the router an option so that everything goes back to its default settings and then you can start fresh from there?

    If so then I would just hold down the reset button and start the router up. This will reset everything to the factory settings, which should be no encryption on the router. You should then be able to login to the admin area and reset the admin password and reset the WEP key.


      okay thank you very much, i will try that!


      okay, i tried to reset the router but nothing happens when i do. any suggestions?


        By reset you mean you reset it to how it was when you first bought it right? Something most certainly should have happened. At minimum the security should have went away. Are you sure you took the correct steps to reset it? Each router seems to be different.

        Some routers require you hold the reset button when it is starting up, others have you hold reset for 10 seconds while it is running and yet others have other ways of doing it. If you do it correctly everything should be set back to the default settings including the security and admin username and password.


    i held it for 30 seconds and still nothing, do you think that the router could be broken?


      It would really depend on exactly what model router you have. If you have the manual it should tell you exactly how to reset it or you can reply with your model number and I can grab the manual and see what it says about resetting to the default settings.


    okay the model number is BEFW11S4…thank you!


      To do a hard reset on that you have to, I believe while it is plugged in, hold the button down for 30 seconds. Then wait 30 seconds and power cycle it by unplugging it for 30 seconds or so and then plugging it back in.